UX Research, UX + UI NFT Feature & Responsive Web Design

My Role
As the sole designer on this project, my tasks involved research, user interviews, competitor analysis, mapping the user flow, wireframing, responsive UI, and prototyping. This is my individual work that I created as an assignment through Designlab’s UX Academy.
Project Background
With the recent rise of NFTs, many artists are trying to figure out how to utilize the medium to carve out a new model of equity for digital artists and creators. NFTs are a new type of digital asset; ownership of these assets are recorded on a blockchain - a form of financial technology that acts as a permanent digital ledger across multiple computers.

FELT is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective that examines digital activism, hip hop culture, race, gender, and class through IRL and URL experiences. They wish to expand their platform and improve community engagement by incorporating a feature that will allow artists and their audience to collect and mint NFTs (non-fungible tokens) directly on the site. I helped them to embed the feature so that it integrates seamlessly within the rest of their website. The feature will facilitate a new value system that will give users the power to trade tokens (digital assets) for other valuables such as future events, rare items, etc.
Project Goal
Build a responsive, mobile-friendly feature to the site that allows users to mint NFTs, place bids on artworks and collect cryto art by connecting their digital crypto wallet within the site.

The project results will translate into expanding FELT’s fanbase, and encouraging new or exisiting users to engage and connect with the FELT community, whether they are artists, collectors, or just curious fans.
High Fidelity Prototype
To test the main user flow, I created a high-fidelity desktop prototype showing the main user flows.

A usability study was then conducted to observe how users navigate through the Felt Zine site and interact with their NFT marketplace.

My main goal was to understand the users main motivation when browsing through the site. When are they most likely to engage with the FELT site and community? What will lead the user to sign up or set up a wallet? What will encourage them to explore artists and new artwork and eventually bid on an NFT.