I am a multimedia artist and visual designer from NJ, currently based in Brooklyn.

I attended Art Center College of Design where I studied painting, video, and sound design. Driven by my love for composition, texture, and color, I began to experiment with scanned images and video footage which has led me to digital design.

Currently I am working towards a shift into UX and UI design. I decided to study UX because I saw it as an opportunity to exercise my analytical side and merge it with my creative, visual side. Naturally I am interested in psychology and cognitive science; I have the ability to think critically and solve problems. Not only will balancing these two aspects of myself will enhance my abilities as a designer, it will give me a stronger understanding on how to design solutions for everyday life and allow me to empathize with the people who will interact with my products.

When I’m not busy designing, I’m either djing for my radio show or painting something. :-)

Email / lizafeurtado@gmail.com