I am a multimedia artist and graphic designer based in Brooklyn creating both analog and digital work. My services include branding, web, print and video design. Through both contemporary and traditional techniques, such as digital collage, abstract video editing and painting, I explore the interaction between color, form, and texture. My work materializes the relationship between superimposed forms and textures in a space. My process is consistent throughout, first focusing on an overall structure and composition then later connecting color and texture. Juxtaposing rough and smooth textures amplifies the works physical qualities, causing it to be tangible. The process of working digitally is very intuitive, and is similar to painting on a canvas. I naturally crave perspective, and the best way to experience perspective is through experimentation. I value the times that an accident occurs while I’m working because it allows for the opportunity to create something unexpected. I am constantly surprising myself in the process and learning from approaching my work in new ways.
Multimedia Artist + Graphic Designer ︎