North Star
UX Research, UX + UI, Branding & Responsive Web Design

Project Background

North Star, a leading insurance company, has been selling their policies through regional agents for the last 30 years. With the rise of the internet, the company wishes to transition towards online direst sales and reach to the young consumer.

My Role

As the sole contributor of this project, my tasks involved conducting research through competitor anlysis and user interviews, creating a user persona, designing a responsive site for multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and a rapid prototype for the web. This is my individual work that I created for an assignment through Designlab’s UX Academy.

Project Goal

North Star wants to engage with a younger consumer base by going digital. The goal is to build an on-demand responsive site that is easy to navigate and accessible for the user. I want to design an insurance experience that guides users as they explore insurance options.

High Fidelity Prototype

You will be directed to the North Star homepage, from there you can either scroll through entire homepage or select Insurance from the navigation on top. The prototype allows you to “Explore All Products”, so you can select that and view the different products that North Star offers on one page. You can also go straight into the quote process from the homepage by selecting “Get Started” and it will take you a series of questions, the price options, payment method, and confirmation page.