Project Goal

As apart of the Web Team, my tasks involved creating graphics content and producing design solutions for the website and digital campaigns.

The intention is to carry out a simple and fresh personality for the brand while retaining a sense of professionalism.

Time and Role

Solo designer, with guidance from a Lead designer, 4 Copy Writers, 1 Product Manager


A critical component of the design process is considering the look and feel as well as the narrative for all landing pages. By collaborating closely with the marketing partners, it allowed our team to fine-tune the content that speaks directly to potential audiences with specific priorities and needs. As a result, we created various look and feel kits for the website and digital campaigns to cohere to a visual narrative and the brand’s personality.


Communicating with other teams in the agency was essential to creating a consistent look and feel across all channels including Print, Email, and Social Media.


Some of the work I would do consisted of photo editing, silhouetting, creating graphics, sourcing images and icons.

Landing Pages

Designing web layout proofs to present to our creative directors  was a majority my responsibilities. Briefs would be delivered multiple times a week and certain assets were to be refreshed. Many times new assets would consequently clash with existing assets on the site. This lead to a lot of pre-planning and communication between my project managers and marketing partners to help create consistency on the site.

Scrolling Heroes

A majority of the content I created for the website was heroes for each landing page.

Digital Campaigns

One of the first projects I worked on with the company was helping with a campaign creation. Another designer created most of the look and feel for this campaign, I helped with implementing these elements to the web assets. This campaign was designed to target a young consumer base.


Some key take aways: Designing with intention creates cohesion, order and meaning & communication is key when working in a collaborative, fast paced environment.