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Hello, I’m a Visual Designer + Multimedia Artist with experience in Digital Production Design + Video Design. I primarily have a fine art background, I started as an illustrator and painter, then later realized my interests for design through experimenting with collaging images digitally. I am now currently working towards a shift towards Experience Design, and I’m excited to see where that leads me next. My portfolio  consists of digital products, freelance works, and projects I made while at Art Center College of Design.

Welcome to Nostalgia Radio App 

Nostalgia is a monthly two-hour radio sound experience that airs on www.N10.AS. Through this app, I want to share the entire archive and future live streams of the monthly show with playlists included. The radio show is composed of various genres (avant-garde, experimental, noise, instrumental, classical, drone, ambient) that is sometimes layered over with spoken word samples and sound effects. The app is a great source for discovering music and new genres.

I teamed up with the record label and media production company, Vibal, to create fun branded graphics for their social media platforms. Here is a motion graphic template for their Instagram stories to help promote artists, share new music and attract followers.