The Project

There are almost infinite amount of ways to discover music, but how can we build a community from sharing and sourcing music? That’s what I wanted to find out when creating this platform.

The Nostalgia Radio mobile app is a streaming platform where DJs and music lovers can interact with their audience and community. The app allows users to directly broadcast and stream music related content, post videos, and archive past recordings with playlists included. This project was a submission to Designlab for the UX Academy enrollment application.

A mobile app concept that provides a new way for DJs and music enthusiast to stream and discover music.


Streaming and broadcasting on Nostalgia Radio allows users to connect  and interact with their audience. The interactive app encourages for users to be open and share the knowledge of music. When uploading recordings, the mobile app will automatically categorize, lable and list any music it recognizes within the recording into a playlist format. Users can keep track of their archived recordings and choose to upload or discard them.  Music sharing helps to build community and creates opportunity for users to expand their music taste by discovering various artists and genres that are not as common in their region.

UI Design

I wanted to create a vibrant and minimal brand identity for this platform to make it more appealing to the younger market. I chose gradients of blue, purple, green and pink to carry out a sense of femininity and fluidity to the design while having bold white text to make information easily visible.  The font used also emphasizes the minimal and modern personality of the brand.

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